BEET IT Sport Flapjack Bar - 40g (BEST BEFORE 4 SEP 2019)

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Quick Overview

Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjack

  • A delicious way to enjoy the sports performance benefits of natural nitrate

  • Contains on average 200mg natural dietary nitrate

  • Perfect for longer duration activities to replenish diminished nitrate stores

  • Ideal "top up" for athletes in endurance activities of 2+ hours

  • 53% oats for slow-release energy

  • Consume 2 bars 1-3 hours before activity, and for exra energy mid-activity for ultra events

  • No preservatives, additives or artificial flavours

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, GMO free and dairy free

  • Informed Choice registered

  • Trusted by elite athletes and sports professionals worldwide

  • All natural ingredients: Oat flakes (53%), beet juice concentrate (27%), raisins, concentrated apple juice extract, sunflower oil

  • BEST BEFORE 4 SEP 2019


Do you want to be faster, have more power, and last longer in your workouts and athletic performance?

Nitrate will get you there because it boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) which widens the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. So, if you're ready to boost your sports performance, Beet It is what you need. All-natural Beet It Sport Shot helps improve your strength, stamina, and speed. It's your pro-elite nitrate supplement super source – the only natural product proven to deliver a powerful, minimum dose of 400mg nitrate content per shot. That's the recommended amount of nitrate to receive consistent benefits of NO (Nitric Oxide) which improves your sports performance. No other brand can deliver this amount. That's why Beet It is used in Olympic sports, pro cycling, football, strength training, by athletes who desire better and more efficient performance, and for sports research across the world.

The Easiest, Quickest, Tastiest Way to Experience the Power of Nitrate

Natural | Vegan | Non-GMO | Non-Dairy | Gluten-Free | Fertilizer-Free | Pesticide-Free | Kosher

Beet It Sport Bars are a pocket-sized, chewy high-nitrate snack with simple, powerful ingredients. Beet It Sport bars are Informed Choice registered “trusted by many pro sport teams and Olympic medallists as the No. 1 natural nitrate supplement for improving sports performance”. Each bar contains a minimum 200mg of natural nitrate, “the optimal twice-daily dose required to beet your personal best”!

Beet It has been used by over 200 Universities worldwide for medical and sports performance research into the benefits of natural nitrate supplementation. For example, Beet It Sport supplementation has been scientifically shown to:

  • Enhance cycling time-trial performance by 1.2%
  • Increase maximal cycling power (W) by 5.1%
  • Increase maximal muscle power and force production by 4%
  • Increase team-sport high-intensity sprint running performance by 1.7%
  • Increase reaction-time during sprint running by 3.5%
  • Accelerate recovery and oxygen delivery

beet it sport bar

Directions for Use:

Consume one bar for training days, two for competition days.

Eat for breakfast or as a healthy snack 1-3 hours before activity and for extra energy mid-activity for ultra events.

Oat flakes (53%), beet juice concentrate (27%), raisins, concentrated apple juice extract, sunflower oil

Nutritional info (per 100g):

Energy   162kJ / 386kcal
Fat   10.1g
   of which saturates   1.3g
Carbohydrates   60g
   of which sugars   30.7g
Fiber   6.3g
Protein   10.8g
Salt   0.18g

"I like using Beet It because it's natural based and easy to take. It helps aid my recovery, which allows me to push harder in training and racing."
- Hannah MIley, Triple Olympic swimmer

"I use Beet It because it is a natural way to increase my nitric oxide levels, this for me leads to improved exercise performance."
- Richie Gray, International Rugby Union player

"Beet It Sport is an amazing product. After taking it I feel rejuvenated and recovered; ready to train and compete better."
- Ojie Edoburun, Team GB 100/200m sprinter

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What is different between Beet It Sport and other sport nutritional products?
Because beet contains natural dietary nitrate, the BEET IT SPORT shots have been designed with this in mind.

The SPORT shots are the first sport nutrition product to deliver a specific dose of natural dietary nitrate. Our shots are 100% natural and do not have any artificial additives and preservatives.

When should I take Beet It?
It is optimal to take the Sport shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Most of our athletes take the Beet It SPORT on a loading basis before an event – one shot 12 hours before, and one around two hours before exercising – however one is sufficient for general training.

How much can I take in any 12 hour period?
The body reaches a ‘saturation point’ after two SPORT shots have been consumed therefore there is no need to take any more.

Does it matter what time of day you take them? For example if you take a shot before sleeping?
No it doesn’t matter what time you take the shots – you can take them anytime up to 24 hours before a key event.

Will I feel an immediate adrenaline or energy rush?
No. Our shot is not an energy or caffeine booster and therefore you don’t find that immediate ‘kick’. BEET IT shots work gradually and over an extended period of time, which again is unlike the majority of energy or caffeine-booster drinks available.

Can you drink BEET IT as well as consuming alcohol?
Yes. BEET IT is like any other juice and therefore we don’t see any problem in mixing with alcohol – we suggest a BEET IT Vodka Martini (but always drink in moderation!)

Why are Beet It shots now used throughout the world for most of on-going dietary nitrate supplementation research?
Most of the published research papers on the subject of nitrate supplementation specifically used our Beet It shots or Beet it juice. This is because they deliver a controlled dose of dietary nitrate – which freshly pressed beet juice cannot do – dietary nitrate levels in beet juice fluctuate enormously. Also we make a nitrate depleted version of our BEET IT shots which research teams use as a placebo for double blind crossover trials – the gold standard for unbiased research. All the sports performance research published to date has been independently undertaken by leading university and elite sports research bodies (such as the Australian Institute of Sport). It has not been funded by Beet It. Beet It has been used in over 100 research projects throughout the world by universities in projects from as far afield as USA, Australia, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Korea, China, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Nepal, New Zealand, France as well as many in the UK.

Should I use it for a number of consecutive days prior to expecting optimal results?
The shots deliver a specific dose of nitrate (which can last in your system for upto 24 hours). However some of our professional athletes take the SPORT shot on a ‘loading’ basis and take it days/weeks during training for a race or event. This is usually done by taking 1 (or a maximum of 2) SPORT shots on a daily basis (1-12 hours before exercising) the week prior to a big event.

Are there any adverse effects?
There are no known adverse effects for the juice or shots. Beet is known to turn the urine pink and in some cases can help with bowel movements, but this is normal for the general consumption of beet.

Can you take the SPORT and Organic shots if you are on any prescribed medication?
As with any prescribed medication it is always important to check with your doctor before changing your diet. Because BEET IT is a natural product, we suggest you treat is as any other vegetable juice – drinking in moderation, however we would always advise contacting your doctor if you are worried in any way.

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